Tenda Oxlade

A Jamaican Writer based in Houston, Texas, took to her twitter page to make a claim that being decent is not valued.

She highlighted strong reasons for her opinion as she said men say they want good women but yet they pick the opposite and keep her.

Read her post below ;

Why is it that decent black women like me gets thrown to the wolves but ghetto ratchets can have the man they want and get them to marry them? Y’all say that you want faithful, and good women but yet y’all pick the opposite and keep her?

Like honestly, all I want is to uplift and nurture my man, give him children and create a legacy, but you niggas either pick MGTOW living or a foul woman and then come on social media and complain about not dating decent women!!

I fucking hate being decent because it’s not actually valued at all. I’ve seen Far too many women who aren’t worthy of having cats, have children and women like me who is black first gets nothing and dust.

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