Sacrificed S*x For Fame And Fortune – Adokiye


Singer Adokiye, who gained fame for declaring her virginity to the world, in a new interview with Potpourri, has revealed why she sacrificed her sex life for music.

In her words:
“ I sacrificed the idea of even having sex for fame and fortune, in order to get to where I am and where I am going. I had to stay away from sex. I want to be pure in the process of chasing my dreams because I believe some things can contaminate and pollute the process,” she offered.
Upon being reminded that there are many female singers out there, having active sexual lives and at the same time enjoying tremendous success,

“If they are, then, I’ m sure there is something they have sacrificed for their fame. At least for the time they started and up on till this time. It could be marriage or something else that is not very visible. Most that are more successful then me are older and not married. Something just got to be sacrificed, depending on what works well with personal resolve and discipline. Most times, one must sacrifice something for fame and fortune.”

Recall the same Adokiye, is the one who vowed some years back to give up her virginity to any man who could buy her mum a private jet. Same Adokiye, is the one who offered her virginity to insurgent group, Boko Haram in exchange for the abducted Chibok girls. Her last offer was made to Davido.


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