10 Facts About Sutown Artists That You’ve Never Heard About


You might be wondering how the news of Sutown spread and where it is located and what are the basic facts about this place? Well there are listed below…..

1- Its a Local Government in Niger State (the biggest and most prestigious)..

2- You can walk the whole of Sutown even in two month(we’ve gat thousand of lungus)

3- Its the only town that have above 200 aspiring upcoming artist (the once we never discover their talent fully)

4- Sutown gave birth to Jim_Ikye,
Segun Arinze and Sugarboy (incase you don’t know)

5- No town has the best supportive hands than sutown..(zero tolerance for discrimination)

6- Sutown has more than 200 successful artist gingering the industry at home (some are at school oo and some in other states)

7- Artists in Sutown Knows your songs than you yourself do (not to talk of the tilldeath fans)

8- All Sutown rapper are unique and different in style (if you have heard their cypher you can testify

9- Everybody is tagged ‘BOSS‘ with love..

10- Record label are standard their(no joking)

Aim and aspiration…..

As Lagos Deceived Ibadan and collected Entertainment from them so also we will Rape Lagos and collect it from them too….(Amen)


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