Open Letter to lilkesh..


I know I tend to put the hype on things these
days but is it me or has anyone else noticed
how irrelevant Mr little Keshinro has been of
Let me start by saying; I was never a fan of this
kid until the Headies drama after which he
dropped what I tagged the ‘album of the year’.
The YAGI spirit was all up in the air for the
first/second quarter of 2016 when he had all of
us thinking he might be like Olamide or even
dethrone him, only for our dearest boy to lose
We all know what follows an album is an
array of videos to put the album in our face for
as long as the artiste desires. After barely
dropping two videos off the album, Keshi has
already started looking for a new route; he
dropped the sparsely lyric-ed Kojo and Shele Gan
Gan … oh and the remix to Ibile which sounded
The truth is the young champs in the music
industry need to be properly mentored; the
recklessness in our music scene has affected so
many artistes who were highly tipped to
succeed. Artistes should realize that potential
has totally become a commodity everyone can
afford; so just because you have it doesn’t
necessarily guarantee your success. Lil Kesh’s
style is not unique and can fade very quickly,
moreso, it appears he has totally lost the drive
and direction needed to push through.
As much as street music is taking over, there
needs to be orderliness, the street has, and will
always be full of talent but that is not the only
criteria needed to succeed in line. However,
the highlight of Lil Kesh’s career so far still
remains the Headies drama and as much as we
try to deny it, he and Cynthia Morgan are most
probably the ones (from 2015 next rated
category) who are not materializing their huge
With the birth of new street artistes like Wale
Turner, Terry Apala, Oladips and a few others,
the streets have been opened to a variety of
acts with different vibes from which they can
constantly choose who to stay connected with.
Having said, fans will move on very quickly
from any profile act who devalues putting
adequate efforts in order to stay afloat. The
industry has instances in the persons of Wande
Coal, Iyanya, Sean Tizzle, D’Banj of course and
many more like them. Lil Kesh better check up
or check out.


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