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Melody De Humble Producer

Please  make sure you read till the end!! 

To all upcoming artiste that want to make it in the music industry…. Here is my advice..
  Promoting of songs is as important  as recording it.
To become a well distinguish artist you need to do your  Best  to promote  your song as you will do your best in voicing your  tracks….
Good works without promotion is useless…..You can’t tell who is out there ready to sponsor and support……..
Nothing good comes easy!![fact]…pay bloggers good money for them to hype your song wella….. 
  Thank God for the internet..with good promotion your song can go to an extreme length which you wouldn’t have imagine.

By these, you will get famous and you will make it..
Also do your best  to promote your songs on radio stations….good music worth it… 
  Make sure u give dj ur songs for  them to play it at various  occasions Remember People  support good music….so do good music and go for good promotion…..

  Try to grow your fans base
Thank u for reading 
I’m Melody_songs_de_humble_producer
stay_humble_you_could_be_wrong     Please kindly  share… can’t tell  who need dis


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