See The 5 Top Disappeared Nigerian Artists That We Can’t Wait For To Come Back


There is no shortage of new music and new acts springing every second. However, they’re a few, many actually, who’ve given us a taste of their genius, only to go on an unhealthy sabbatical 😩

This article aims to list five of such madly creative individuals who’ve been gone for a second, or more.


The sexy voiced dancehall act is a massively talented individual who is well known overseas more than he is here. He broke out with the single ‘Where your Rozay‘ and he followed it up with Coco Banana featuring Banky W but ever since, he’s been relatively quiet.

In this age of emerging acts by the day, there needs to be a certain consistency. For a man who snagged a feature from world star Jidenna, surely it wasn’t misplaced to expect him to build upon that massive exposure?

Not too long ago, he suffered from a coma and now that he is hale and hearty, we expect good music from him. We crave it.



One of the most underrated acts in Nigeria. Take it or leave. Rayce also doubled as a Singer and also a Top notch producer.

This Talented young man has blessed us with Killer hit tracks like Jack Sparrow, Tete La, Wetin Dey, Wetin Dey (Remix), Just Like That, Igbedu and many others too numerous to mention.

One of the greatest thing to become a Star is to have a good voice and can dish out quality singles, I don’t Rayce is below expectation if these are the needed Criteria to becoming a Star.

Some new artiste gaining massive buzz into the industry at the moment can’t dish out half of what Rayce has blessed us with yet they are shinning bright like a Mercedes Benz Fog light 😞 This is heartbreaking!



Banky W might be full of no hair on his head but he is not a joke. He is a foremost R n’ b musician in Nigeria. And when such a person pays the ultimate compliment to a relatively unknown act, we must listen.

He said once, Niyola had a great voice. One of the best he’s heard.

Go On was evidence. The song, a mid-tempo jam was a solid, establishing Niyola as a person who could own her lane. However (this word is becoming cliché in this piece), she has been largely quiet.

Recently, she got into a spat with a person on social media who asked where her boobs were, after she’d posted a bikini pic.

The fury with which she replied that nosey person got me wishing she’d enter into a studio and sleep there for three months, and give us outstanding music.



Ya man! Not too long ago, when you heard that from an unmistakable baritone, you were sure who it was; Blackmagic. Such was his success that he got an Headies and an instant classic, in the track of Pass You By, featuring Oritse Femi.

He even released the second work of his Based on Belief series. We were enjoying the unique blend of rap, soul, and Afro beats which was Blackmagic’s music, until—Really, it feels like forever.

However, the golden rule of music business is strategic scarcity. We miss this man already, and it is our guess that he is working on something, or developing his artistry and however it turns out, we expect good music.

I would be most grateful to wake up to a album. It would instantly rival Simi’s offering, which seems to be the best of this year. So far.



The shelf life of women married and doing music in Nigeria is relatively low. Omawunmi is no exception. This is an African Queen, who has thrilled us and has so much in her.

However (the word again, LOL), Megbele seems to be the last I’ve heard of her. And it’s sad, for every lover of good music out there that erupts from the magic of live instrumentation, the spellbinding voice of the South South queen.

Omawunmi, please bless us once more. We can never be tired of your energy.


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