You are not the Best artists in Kogi SUNRICH, LEGA-SEA SKILLZ slammed the VERGE award winner




LEGA-SEA SKILLZ react to the winner of this year’s winner of verge award best artists SUNRICH who came on social media claiming to be the best artists in Kogi State.
 VERGE AWARD is for lokoja artists, check the list of nominees on that category there are all lokoja based artists.
 I will rather congratulate you for being the best artists in lokoja a bitter fact I could say. legacyskillz said in this interview with us.
 In Kogi State generally we have talented and well known artists that have built their musical brand from there and cut across the north Central.
 LEGA-SEA SKILLZ added that he wouldn’t want to mention names but to applause the organisers for the step taken to organise such award for the 3rd consecutive time in the state but there can do more by expanding their tentacles..


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