23-Year Old Man Wins $630 after drinking a bottle of tequilla and he died moment later



According to reports, a 23-year old man named Kelvin Rafel Mejia was out with friends a couple of weeks ago in the Dominican Republic when he and his friends decided to play a game to see who could drink the most tequila in a single gulp.

They made a bet for $630 and Kelvin won the bet as he downed a whole bottle of Tequila. Sadly, minutes later he died. In a video posted on social media, Kelvin can be seen drinking the tequila straight from the bottle. The video also shows Kelvin after he is done with the challenge as well as the moment when he passes out and collapses on the floor in the club.

According to reports, he never regained consciousness and was pronounced dead at a hospital. The coroner ruled Mejía died of alcohol toxicity or alcohol poisoning.

This is really sad and also a vital lesson for all to learn as it is very easy for a night of fun and games to take an unexpected turn, especially when alcohol is involved.


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