7 Things That Attract Nigerian Men in 2017


According to relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin, these are the 7 characteristics in women that will make men run after you

1️⃣ A Lady with an above decent paying Job ( at least 200 -250k)

2️⃣ A lady with a foreign passport ( Born in the US or UK) .

3️⃣ A lady who has MBA or Msc. Bsc almost doesn’t count anymore

4️⃣ A lady who has a car, some guys don’t want to pay for uber and taxi fair anymore

5️⃣A lady who has her own place and doesn’t cramp his own personal space

6️⃣A lady whose parents have strong connections in Politics or Corporate world

7️⃣ A lady who contributes money to every date, outing, bills payment etc .
Abraham Maslow, a renowned Psychologist in his hierarchy of needs theory stated that without Physiology we can not reach the love and belonging stage. I.e without ( food, water, basic needs) we can’t love appropriately. Has Maslow’s theory affected us as Nigerians as a result of the bad economy.

A lot of Nigerian men today are gradually moving towards ladies who have something to bring to the table. You hear things like. ” omo that babe dey drive benz she be wife material o”, ” when I combine my income with the oil & gas babes own my empire go complete”.

This being said, the economy is always going to be a strong factor in our lives but let’s try find love amidst these hardships. You can be rich today and be poor tomorrow I.e the economy is a variable but when Love is built on a strong foundation it will be a constant.

It is really sad that income, area you life, family connects, color of your passport now takes front row seats over Personality attributes and traits.


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