All You Need You Know About Olamide’s Upcoming Album Titled ‘Lagos Nawa!’


Fans of Olamide music can rejoice! This Nigerian star is going to release his seventh album really soon. Continue reading to find out more about the Olamide new album, including its tracklist and release date. Mark it on your calendars.

Just a few days ago, everyone’s favourite music artist Olamide announced the release of his new album. The Nigerian hip-hop musician went to his Instagram to show his fans the cover of the upcoming Olamide album, as well as tease them with the list of songs.

Did you know?

Olamide is one of the most prolific musicians on the Nigerian hip-hop stage. He has been producing an album each year since 2011. In 2011, the world saw his first album titled Rapsodi. Then, Olamide Baddo released YBNL in 2012. The year 2013 marked the release of Baddest Guy Ever Liveth. Fourth album, Street OT, came out in 2014. In 2015, Olamide released Eyan Mayweather and, a year later, The Glory.

Those who have been following the artist throughout these years have been understandably impatient for some Olamide new music. After all, the year is almost over, and Olamide still has not released a new album yet.

But fear not, you will not have to wait long to hear Olamide’s latest tracks. On November 5, he announced that his newest album is titled Lagos Nawa, and that it was going to come out on 17 November, 2017. According to the artist, it only took him and his team 48 hours to record this 17-track album. The album’s name is subtitled Wobey Sound, which has already become a very popular hashtag on Instagram.

The lead single of this album is a song that everyone has heard at least once by now. It is called Wo!!!, and the music video for this song has over 8 million views. The song became even more popular after the National Broadcasting Corporation of Nigeria reportedly banned it from airing.

If you want to find out about the full tracklist of Lagos Nawa, then continue reading.

List Of All Olamide Songs From The Upcoming Album

Now that the cat is out of the bag, all we have to do is wait patiently (or, most likely, impatiently) for November 17 to come around. While we are all waiting, let’s consider all the 17 new Olamide songs that make the Lagos Nawa album:

1. Fe Nu Shey Street

2. Radio Lagos

3. Yagaga

4. The One

5. Oro PawPaw

6. Bend it Over (featuring Timaya and Reminisce)

7. Shine

8. SaysayMaley

9. Mo je dodo

10. Lagos Nawa

11. Everyday is not Christmas

12. On a Must Buzz (featuring Phyno)

13. ShankoBaby

14. Fine Fine Girls (featuring Tiwa Savage)

15. Wo!!!

16. Enimimomi

17. Wo Spritiual

Most of Olamide songs from this album were produced by Young John. However, Olamide produced one of the songs himself, Shine. The album was mastered and mixed by Oyebanjo Sunday Bbanks.

So keep your eye out for Olamide latest music. Very soon, you will be able to enjoy his newest album in all its glory. And if Wo!!! is anything to go by, we are fairly certain it is going to be amazing.


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