Buhari’s anti-corruption campaign will help tackle recession — Clerics


Ilesa (Osogbo) – Some clerics have described
the ongoing anti-corruption crusade of President
Muhammadu Buhari as the only way to bring
the country out of the current economic
The clerics spoke on Sunday in separate
interviews on the sidelines of the first
convocation of Ilesa Missionary District of
Foursquare Gospel Church in Ilesa.
Those who spoke included Rev. Olubisi
Omotoso, the South-West Regional Coordinator
of Foursquare Church in Nigeria, Rev. Rasak
Akinwale, the Osun State Pastor of the church
and Rev. Olanrewaju Williams, General Overseer,
Glory Chapel, Kingsglory Ministries International,
The theme of the programme is ”In Times Like
This” while the text was taken from Psalm 102
verse 13.
Omotoso said that Christians have critical roles
to play in the anti-corruption crusade by setting
a pace in holiness and righteousness in view of
the economic mess the country found itself.
”We should all join hands together with the
government to rebuke the looters of our nation’s
treasury, because they are living in our midst,
and by the time we do this, everybody will
adjust and begin to do things in Godly manner .
”We found ourselves in this mess because we
have deviated from the standard of God, and
deviated also from holiness and righteousness.
”This is why corruption has eaten deep into all
the facets of our society and this has brought
the country to its knees, inflicting untold
hardship on the populace.
”The only thing we need to do as Christians is
to return to God and set standard for others to
”In all our churches, even in our families, we
should not compromise the standard of God,”
the regional coordinator said.
Akinwale, who is also the Foursquare District
Overseer of Ife, said that Christians have a lot of
roles to play in tackling the present economic
challenges facing the country.
”Christians should support President Buhari in
the fight against corruption because corruption
does not do anything good for the society.
”Our structure, our system is very weak, and for
now, I want to advise the government to follow
the rule of law in the course of fighting this
monster called corruption to get the desire
”Government should also look for corrupt
people now at the corridor of power and fish
them out for justice.
”Any government that is selective in its fight
against corruption, that is looking for only those
in the opposition parties, will end up
encouraging more people to be corrupt, and
looters will continue to hold on to power to
evade trial.
”Every corrupt leader, whether in government or
in opposition parties, should be dealt with
according to the law of the land so as to nip
corruption in the bud.
”This will make everybody to begin to do things
in the right way for the progress and
development of the country,” he said.
Akinwale admonished Christians to have positive
minds that ”Nigeria is not going to end up like
this, and that our country will still be great.
”When we have positive mind about our country,
we will project Nigeria very well, and direct its
spirit to the right direction,” he said.
In his own remarks, Williams said, “In times like
this, put your trust in God first, be obedient and
willing to serve in God’s Kingdom and live a life
of holiness by running away from sin.’’
“Whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things
are honest, whatsoever things are just,
whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things
are good, as Christians think on these things,”
he added.


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