Paul Okoye has slammed Africa Magic Urban presenters who recently made unkind jabs at singer Kcee’s fashion sense


Recall that the drama started yesterday when the Style doctor and Creative director of OUCH! Uche Nnaji took to his Instagram to tersely call out the presenters for unfairly criticising Kcee’s style. From the clip Nnaji shared, the ladies mocked the Tinana singer’s outfits and career.
They called Kcee a terrible dresser, a razz person, worst dressed fashionista, saying he’s so local and ‘Ibotic’.

“ This needs to STOP!!! A situation where individuals go on NATIONAL Television and throw insults at another individual who is not just more SUCCESSFUL, but also OLDER than them is all shade of WRONG,” Nnaji said.

Now, Paul Okoye has stood up for the Five Star Music artiste by questioning the presenters phony accents and financial clout.

“ But seriously I don’t get it…do we actually think been educated is by speaking polished English? You are a TV presenter, he’s an artiste, my sister how much is your salary ?” The P-Square star began.

Adding, “What language is your bank alert speaking? How polished is your cheque book? compared to that igbotic artiste… am a proud Igbo boy,… and when I speak English I still have my fathers tongue rolling …that is keeping it real not faking it. shoutout to all my Igbo brothers and sisters out there keeping it real…. when next they say u sound igbotic … pls be proud of it …by the way those of you that use to cover your exam papers during exams back then , I hope by now you all are MD’s in oil and banking sector or even a president happy weekend
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