FARUK AYOOLA TAJUDEEN Popularly known by his stage name Youngzcool is one of the fast rising Nigerian artist who rose up to chase his music career early this year.

He was born into the family of Abdul Azeez Tajudeen Some years back although he lived his whole life as a kid with his mum and grandmother in Suleja a Local Government area in Niger State Nigeria.

He hailed from Oyo State in Ogbomosho local government of Nigeria.

He attended Baptist Academy Suleja where he made his primary school certificate then he joined Hassan Dallatu Junior Secondary School where he did made his Junior School Leaving Certificate.
From there he went to Government Boys Secondary school Suleja and then to Overcomers International school to complete his secondary school Education

He is a literate in Computer also a web designer and a prominent Blogger..

Although he is from a Muslim Family Youngzcool is a christian by religion and he attends the First Baptist Church in Suleja
He has been a partial comedian in his church and was among the co founder of a gospel comedy group named Destined for Kingdom Young Comedians (DKYC EMPIRE)
A comedy crew making wave in the Baptist Church in Suleja

He has always dream to become a Musician ever since in his junior secondary school he his one person who loves Olamide baddo and can sing his song from Eni duro till present
So his classmate back then often calls him Young Baddo sometimes Olamide Baddo

He releases his debut single on the 7th of January this year which he titled it Bamidele and since then he has been consistent up to this moment

He has put in several works and recorded success on them. After Bamidele in January he went ahead to do a gospel like track he tiltled Hallelujah and after that he did Sure, Ycee Juice Cover with his friend Slimwizzy, Figure Eight, Ibadi freestyle and the most talked about song in Suleja and its environs right now the song he titled UPGRADE

In less than 10months he had three of his songs on top stores like itunes, amazon Spotify and deezer.

He has been nominated as the best promoter in Suleja with regards to his blog that started functioning online last year

This dude is a raw talent a rapper and a singer as well
We should expect more coming from him in the nearest future


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